Why Study Calculus

 As a student you probably view calculus as another illogical memorization of equations that one needs to pass through school. You feel you will never be called upon to use any of the 'hypothetical gibberish' that you learn. Consequently, you approach the subject with philosophical indifference and adapt yourself to endure that which you can not cure.

  Perhaps somewhere behind this ill-sentiment is the belief that calculus is a necessary tool for your existence in the real-world. Regardless of how one defines a successful existence, great knowing on calculus problems is not essential to your well-being. In fact it is an overstatement to claim that one needs it to become even a scientist.
After all, many professional engineers do not hesitate to admit their ignorance of the subject. Such engineer's understanding of calculus is limited to knowing the equations and knowing how to use them. If an engineer has a good feel for what to expect based on experience, then number crunching is not so important. The best engineers only need the number crunching to confirm what they think the result may be.

  So far this introduction has only succeeded in confirming what you may already feel about your study of calculus, i.e it's a meaningless waste of time! Why do you have to be bothered learning it while others get by with absolutely no understanding of it? What more can there be to calculus apart from memorization, manipulation and frustration? Without fueling your growing suspicions any further, let us return to the original question and answer it from a purely non-materialistic point of view.  

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